The Best Tractor Diesel in the Field!

Vale Oil – When it’s time to go to work you need to be sure you have a Tractor Diesel you can trust.

Vale Oil is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural Diesel throughout Leinster and Munster with over 60 years experience and will provide a fast and reliable service.

We source our quality fuel from Topaz Energy Limited and their diesel complies with the Department of Agriculture’ s IS 251 / BS 2869 class A2 & D.

To ensure you receive the highest quality product for your tractor Topaz do not put any bio-content in it’s Sulphur Free Gas Oil (Gas 10), this avoids any issues such as water content affecting the performance of your tractor’s engine and is also better for the environment.

Sulphur Free Gas Oil is designed for the latest John Deere, Fenit, Case, New Holland (CNH), Cat & ARGO engines.

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